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Our animals and the environment

All of our venison comes from red deer who graze these carefully managed pastures and spend their entire lives here on our farm, all the while monitored to stringent farm assurance standards which ensures a consistent and top quality product. Our farm is fully farm assured.

As well as being passionate about the welfare of our deer, we are always mindful of the wider environment. We share the farm with a wide variety of animals, from hares to owls to butterflies, and almost everything in between! The timing of mowing activity allows for ground nesting birds and other wildlife to safely rear their offspring and this is apparent in the abundance and diversity of species to be seen across the farm.

When you buy our venison, you are not only buying a tasty and nutritious meat, you are also buying into our overarching ethos of taking the best possible care of both our animals and our environment. Rural Scotland is a beautiful place that has rightly become known as a Land of Food and Drink - and we are doing all we can to help that beauty and that reputation to last into the next generation and beyond.

We practice what we preach and enjoy eating our own venison a number of times a week, always experimenting with new recipes.  The amount of venison eaten in the UK increased by around 11 percent last year because people love the taste, want to buy local and responsibly reared meat and because they are increasingly understanding of the health benefits. Venison contains more protein than other red meats, is rich in iron and is packed with B vitamins which help to regulate the metabolism and help lower the risk of heart attacks and stroke.

Extremely well cared for, helping the environment, delicious, healthy and delivered to your door - a myriad of reasons to buy a farm assured venison box from The Venison Farm!

Father and Daughter team of Joe and Josie run their online venison business from their farm in the shadow of The Devil’s Beeftub